Raising money for capital items such as buildings, vehicles or equipment is not ‘ordinary’ fundraising. It requires planning and structure.

Jill Ritchie and the Papillon UK team have extensive experience in this specialised field. They can manage capital campaigns – from devising campaign plans to conducting surveys to ascertain the potential success of envisaged campaigns or managing the entire process.

Note: Capital campaign management is not actual fundraising but rather guiding the whole process.

What Our Clients Say

  • Jonathan Stead

    Jill Ritchie was highly proactive and innovative in her approach to our two capital campaigns which she assisted with simultaneously and worked closely with our international prospects to ascertain their needs. She is a real professional in her field and met every deadline set. She is assertive, yet is able to work well with both staff and volunteers in a team situation.

    Jonathan Stead
    Interim Director, Marketing, Communication & Strategic Partnerships, University of Johannesburg