The Papillon team do not undertake actual fundraising for client organisations but offer an array of services to support fundraising in the UK. In addition to the offerings listed on this page, inexpensive consulting (advice) is offered for as little as an hour or as much as is needed.

Team members also offer one-one-one mentoring/coaching – email Jill Ritchie with mentoring enquiries.
£38 per hour

What Our Clients Say

  • Jessica Ross
    When we launched a new, rather complex fundraising initiative, Jill was instrumental in helping us think through the cash flows and strategy. She is highly responsive and so generous with her time, expertise and encouragement!
    Jessica Ross
    Finding the Light Foundation
  • Lea-Anne Moses
    Jill Ritchie’s guidance and expertise were invaluable, and the work done for us by the Papillon team was exemplary. Working with and learning from Jill was a truly enriching experience, and I especially appreciated her approach – a unique blend of strategy and storytelling.
    Lea-Anne Moses
    Executive Director, Fundza Literacy Trust
  • Anne Dobson

    Like an investment, time in the game is what matters most. This is certainly the case with Jill Ritchie, who has been a leader in the fundraising world for decades. NOAH has been fortunate to have truly benefitted from experienced, expert input from Jill, both in person regarding funding strategy and proposal writing, as well as via her training workshops. Jill is meticulous, organised, available, focused, clear, concise and direct – all key ingredients for successful fundraising!

    Anne Dobson
    Director, NOAH, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Professor Deena Naidoo
    The SA Institute of Physics benefited substantially from Jill Ritchie’s experience, leadership and mentoring. She held our hand in understanding the non-profit sector environment, understated donor requirements and how to create impact and demonstrate the change from our activities. Her expertise took our organisation to a better level. She also guided us in securing financial support for our teacher development project. This funding has ‘put the SAIP on the map’ and helped us to make an impact, especially during the COVID-19 period when we helped teachers and learners, despite the lockdown constraints.
    Professor Deena Naidoo
    President, SA Institute of Physics