Funding for non-profits and institutions of learning is becoming harder to obtain than ever. Fundraisers need to be increasingly innovative. Crowdfunding is working well for many organisations. Interestingly, it did not originate as a means of funding charitable entities. It started (and is currently thriving) as a way of seeking a number – usually a large number – of ‘angel investors’ for new books, movies, computer games and many more for-profit concepts. Jill Ritchie has monitored the development of crowdfunding and its adaptation as a means of resourcing non-profits and has conceptualised a number of crowdfunding campaigns. Topics covered include:

  • Crowdfunding – the pitfalls
  • The ‘what’s in it for me?’ factor
  • Planning a crowdfunding campaign
  • Marketing a crowdfunding campaign
  • How much to ask for
  • Endurance and tenacity – keeping the interest going