Jill Ritchie

Jill Ritchie has specialised in raising money from UK trust, high net worth and government donors for over three decades. She is the author of 28 books, 21 on fundraising, has contributed to numerous online and printed publications globally and is a qualified trainer in adult education, focusing on fundraising, non-profit management, reporting and social entrepreneurship.

Jill is in demand as a public speaker and trainer and serves on a number of non-profit boards, two of which she chairs, UK Fund for Charities www.ukfundforcharities.org and SA-UK Trust Network  www.sa-uktrusts.org.uk.

She was one of the first to successfully raise substantial funding from the UK Lottery for organisations outside of the UK. She has also assisted in/overseen numerous large successful grant applications to donors such as DFID, Comic Relief and numerous other UK-based donor entities.

Although she has assisted organisations in over 30 countries globally, she has focused much of her time assisting non-profits and universities in sub-Saharan Africa. Jill has been made a Fellow of the Southern African Institute of Fundraising and is also a member of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

Yolandi Greyling

Papillon’s social media guru, Yolandi Greyling, specialises in advising on the optimal use of social media to support fundraising for non-profits globally. She keeps abreast of the ever-evolving online world, particularly pertaining to harnessing its power to assist charities, faith-based entities, schools and universities needing to raise both friends and funds. Yolandi provides anything from an hour or two’s consulting or as much training as staff and volunteers require, to undertaking the ongoing management of organisations’ social media. She is particularly in demand to assist in planning a year’s social media calendar and, where appropriate, scheduling posts.

Jane Mills

Jane Mills has been a valued member of the Papillon team for ten years and has worked in civil society for two decades. Her excellent writing skills have ensured that numerous organisations have had proposals successfully funded. Jane is also key in developing copy for direct mail appeals to individuals. Her analytical and project management know-how ensure quality tailored prospective donor research for Papillon’s global clients.

In addition, Jane contributes to non-profits’ planning by guiding their self-sustainability through coordinated fundraising efforts and advising on appropriate social enterprise initiatives.