Capital campaigns differ from ongoing fundraising for projects or core costs as they are planned and assembled for the specific purpose of raising a set amount of money, usually for a building, but could also be embarked upon for vehicles and/or equipment. Capital campaigns have start and end dates and are run via tried and tested methods.

Jill Ritchie has decades of experience in compiling capital campaign plans, fundraising for capital requirements as well as managing campaigns aimed at raising millions for charities, churches and tertiary institutions.

In this practical and easy-to-follow webinar, she shares her expertise from conceptualisation, planning and marketing to fundraising and the challenges of managing capital campaigns

Topics include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Capital campaign planning
  • Capital campaign patrons and structures
  • Managing a capital campaign
  • Maintaining the motivation
  • Capital campaigns in tandem with ongoing fundraising needs
  • Why some capital campaigns fail
  • Naming rights