Papillon UK’s most popular service! This entails assisting universities, non-profits, schools and faith-based bodies around the world in preparation for raising money in the UK.

  • Identification of projects (as donor trusts only fund projects)
  • Ensuring that project budgets are in a format favoured by UK trust donors
  • Writing up basic fundraising proposals per project
  • Writing covering letters (where the ‘ask’ happens) per project
  • Writing letters of enquiry
  • Advising as to the potential ‘fundability’ of each project
  • Ensuring that required UK partnerships/registrations are in place (without which over 95% of UK trust donors will not fund)
  • Identifying potential UK trust donors per project – tailoring prospect research for each project (or capital needs)

Note: This cost-effective service does not include submitting proposals and applications form to potential donors.

The next step: Submission of fundraising documentation to potential UK donors is also offered but is quoted separately and after the kick-starting service. Fees for this service are quoted on estimated time spent and are payable monthly in advance and are not based on any form of commission on monies raised.