This service provides a limited number of non-profits globally a cost-effective opportunity to have Jill and the Papillon UK team looking out for funding and other opportunities in the UK. Clients opting for this service enjoy:

  • Specialist advisors as part of the team, but at a nominal cost
  • The Papillon UK team constantly ‘looking out’ for funding, marketing and other opportunities in the UK
  • Ongoing input of ideas and support
  • Ongoing objective advice without having to spend time and money briefing new consultants


A one-off fee of is charged to assess client organisations’ past and current funding streams, projects, budgets, fundraising and marketing materials as well as its strengths and challenges. The capacity of the funding and marketing team is also assessed during this process.

Thereafter, a low monthly fee ensures ongoing oversight, advice and guidance of fundraising, marketing and financial sustainability of the organisation.

Papillon UK’s Oversight Service is not:

  • The same as Coaching/Mentoring
  • Fundraising for an organisation or writing or editing documents

This service is limited to five hours of one-on-one consultancy time with a Papillon UK team member each month (which time can be ‘banked’ and rolled over if not used and is not lost).

If interested in becoming one of Papillon UK’s small number of such clients, please complete our free self-test to ensure eligibility for UK fundraising. Once all eligibility criteria have been addressed, email Jill Ritchie for further information 

What Our Clients Say

  • Marilyn Hoole

    With Jill Ritchie’s enormous fundraising experience, spanning many decades, she has been an invaluable help to our organisation, always available to offer advice, guidance and encouragement, and has identified many opportunities for us, particularly around fundraising from the UK. Her many publications have been valuable resource material for our organisation, as have her Fundraising Workshops that we have had the privilege of attending.

    Marilyn Hoole
    Co-Founder and Director, TEARS Animal Rescue, South Afirca and UK